Bacchus Marsh Council Trench - Triassic Park

Friends of Bacchus Marsh Council Trench Reserve

This small reserve located to the north of Bacchus Marsh holds an important key to understanding the past. In a small quarry, unusual sedimentary rocks are exposed providing a window into Victoria's distant geological history.  This is a tiny Triassic Park Council Trench Reserve where you’ll see a piece of Victoria’s only Triassic Age rocks (250 million years old). Formations from a time when dinosaurs roamed.  

For more information on the `Bacchus Marsh Council Trench Reserve' contact Alan Morton, Treasurer at or write to PO Box 4 BACCHUS MARSH VIC 3340.

Chairman is Roger Pierson and the Secretary is Bob Reid


this fantastic short video gives a good insight into the park and its importance 

Triasic Park - The Council Trench Geological Reserve

An extremely informative video on the formation of the geology of the Bacchus Marsh area 

Bacchus Marsh Geology