Wattle Flat - Pootilla Landcare

Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group

Our community cares

The Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group is a family-based group, who hold regular events aimed at improving and protecting our natural environment and having fun, on public land, urban blocks, acreages and farms around Brown Hill, Glen Park, Wattle Flat, Pootilla and Dean. 

Benefits of membership

Discounted native plants and tree guards, financial assistance with weed and feral animal control and exclusion fencing,

equipment loan, advice and support.

Contact: wfplcg@gmail.com

Yarrowee River Community Planting

The Yarrowee Trail continues to be our major project and we would love to have as many hands on deck as possible, especially fellow community groups and users of the Yarrowee Trail. 

We have made great progress over several years, planting well over 7,000 grasses, ground cover and understory plants in this iconic and favourite stretch of the Yarrowee River and Trail . It is the small forested loop of the river just north of the Ballarat Bypass in Brown Hill. It is one of the few, and certainly the largest tract of remnant native vegetation along the whole river and for that reason is a very special place with a highly diverse population of small birds.

The tree canopy is largely intact, however the original shrub layer is missing and the native ground cover has become patchy over the years. We are replacing these missing layers and providing additional vital shelter, nesting sites and food sources for many of the small bird species. 

We look forward to joining forces with you on this special project. To contribute please ring Andrew (0419 091 601).