Bullengarook Landcare

Bullengarook Landcare

The Bullengarook Landcare Group is an active group with a focus on supporting the community providing information, eduction, weed control support and free plants!

The group works together to pot up seedlings established by local members, merging a social engagement with key outcomes, and these plants are provided free of charge to Bullengarook Landcare members. 

There is a dedicated Spray Team, which works on weed control on local reserves and roadsides to prevent weed invasion on private land from public areas.  This group is also contracted to maintain local roadsides with the main weed problems being serrated tussock, gorse, broom, and blackberries, and works with local members to carry out weed control activities on their private land.  This has resulted in dramatic improvement in the weed status of participating properties.

The group is very active in the local community and social activities are an important part of their program. Activites inlcude ongoing invited speakers to discuss and provide information about local flora and fauna. One of the popular activities is a swap meet for garden grown foods – held at the local hall during the Spring to Autumn months.

The Bullengarook Landcare Group welcomes new members, visitors and committee members, and can be contacted at bullengarooklandcare@gmail.com  The committee meets once per month.


Key committee contacts are:

President: Tim Carroll

Vice President: Leah

Secretary: Tanya 

Treasurer: Chris