Lal Lal Catchment Gorse Action Project

Gorse (sometimes known as Furze) has been identified as the top priority weed for eradication in the west of the Moorabool Shire.

The weed is invasive and reduces agricultural production and competes with the natural environment. It is also frequently a harbour for rabbits.

Moorabool Landcare Network has been helping eradicate gorse through a rebate for landowners in part of the Lal Lal Catchment area  [map below]. 

This has work has been well supported by public land managers reinforcing the communities work.  VLine has a program to spray the rail easement between Yendon and Warrenheip and Moorabool Shire Council has made available $4000 for roadside spraying adjacent to landowners who are spraying gorse on their own property. 


 The project has been possible thanks to a grant from the Victorian Gorse Task Force and has enabled up to 50 properties to receive the rebate, with an area of 80ha of gorse sprayed. 

Controlling gorse - Information including the National Best Practice Manual for Gorse Control pdf download.:

Hire of spray trailer – The Lal Lal Catchment Landcare Group makes its spray trailer available to members for a charge of $30/day. Membership of the Group costs $20/year. 

Maps of gorse areas in Victoria - both present and potential