Horse property management

 'Lowering the impact from the horse industry on droughts'. 

This pilot project has been looking at the significance of the horse industry in terms of drought resilience, and further scope demonstrations and a case study concept. The project considers what pasture management is sustainable, and what drought resilient operations may look like.  The project aims to support the horse industry to better manage pastures and groundcover and update drought feeding guides. This will better prepare and forearm our local Horse industry to manage drought. 

Moorabool Landcare Network surveyed horse owners in early 2023 to gain an understanding of current horse keeping practices across the Port Phillip and Corangamite natural resource management regions. This data helps Landcare understand what is needed to support horse owners to manage their horse properties for improved drought resilience. 

The survey has closed and a summary of the results are in the document below.  Many thanks to those who responded to the survey, and especially to those who showed us around.

This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Moorabool Landcare Network Horse Owner Survey 2023.pdf
Lowering the Impact from the Horse Industry on Droughts - Forbs & Shrubs Review.pdf

Courses for Horses: Equine Land Management. 

On the 18th of March 2023 Moorabool Landcare Network  hosted horse lovers from across the region to hear Stuart Myers lead us through the Equiculture ( approach to horse property management.  Participants were able to learn how to keep horses in a way that is good for the horse, good for their people, and good for the environment. 

Equiculture has over 40 years experience teaching horse management, a Churchill Fellowship recipient, and a Masters of Equine Science. They have managed horse properties in several countries around the world, including in our region. They understand managing through droughts, floods, and fires. 

 Understanding horse care, grazing and farm layout so everyone is happy.