Rowsley Landcare 

Rowsley Landcare Group

Expanding the Biodiversity from Creek to Paddock

 Rowsley Landcare Group is supporting each other to achieve sustainable agriculture and an improved environment.

Located southwest of Bacchus Marsh, the Rowsley Landcare area extends to the Brisbane Ranges National Park to the south and Werribee Gorge State Park to the north, with Glenmore Road running east west through the middle. It includes reaches of the Spring, Whitehorse and Parwan Creeks.

Also see the Rowsley Landcare Group website for lots of information including weeds, pests and activities.

The group has been successful in attracting several grants over the years to facilitate larger scale projects such as co-ordinated aerial spraying of serrated tussock or ripping of rabbit warrens and removal of harbour.  Previous projects have seen over 800ha aerially sprayed, greatly reducing the cost (savings of around 30 - 40%) to individual landowners trying to organise spraying on their own.

We  have equipment for hire (loan to members) for rabbit baiting, spraying weeds, direct seeding, and planting trees.

 We are really excited to see the resurgence of our community nursery in partnership with the landcare network.  This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in volunteering to help improve our landscape.