Our Network and several of the local groups have various pieces of equipment available for members to use

The Landcare Network has a growing group of equipment for member groups to book:

  • 6 Reconyx monitoring cameras with mounting arms

  • 1 windows 10 laptop

  • 1 Macbook Pro 13"

  • Phantom 4 drone (for use by trained & licenced operators)

  • 4800 lumen Data projector

  • several GPSs

  • basic fencing kit

  • water watch monitoring kit

  • pull up banners for member groups featuring a panorama from Mt Blackwood

  • In house developed guides on Rabbit Control, Fauna monitoring, Woody Weed Management, and more.

  • Myriad brochures and hand outs

monitoring cameras & GPS


fencing equipment

DJI Phantom 4 drone

Many of the local Landcare Groups have equipment which may be available to assist local landowners and other Landcare Groups and projects - some will have a small hire fee to cover costs and maintenance.

For example -

  • Rowsley Landcare Group has equipment available for loan to group members such as:

    • seed drill

    • 200l ute-back spray unit

    • rabbit warren smoker

    • bait laying trailer

      • contact group secretary Deirdre Davey 5369 2261

  • General purpose lockable ''tradies'' trailer with water tank particularly useful for working bees contact

  • Roger MacRaild on 0459 622 588 or

      • Blackwood Barry's Reef Landcare Group has:

        • Wilbur the Weed mobile sculpture

        • Mulcher

  • Lal Lal Landcare Group has:

    • a spray trailer which can also be hired

    • 200l ute-back spray unit

      • contact Lindsay Grey

  • Parwan Landcare Group has:

    • a purpose built trailer extensively stocked with equipment for planting and weed control.

    • water trailer

      • contact Ruth Marnie 5367 5127