Gardens for Wildlife

Moorabool Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife is a free program and part of a state wide network that provides advice to new and existing gardeners about gardening for wildlife. The program is supported by Moorabool Shire and involves trained volunteers. 

Moorabool Gardens for Wildlife has local volunteers who visit gardeners and community groups  within Moorabool Shire, to provide advice and ideas on how to make gardens more wildlife friendly. Visit our website for information on what to plant, some of the wildlife you may see and how to request a garden visit. 

Every garden provides a space for wildlife. Whether it is a small garden, vegetable patch, court yard, balcony, community or school garden, everyone can contribute to providing more habitat for urban wildlife. As more houses are built in our towns natural places for wildlife is reduced. Gardeners can make a big difference by choosing what to plant in their gardens and focussing on what benefits wildlife. Taking time to consider what wildlife such as birds, insects, frogs and lizards really need, ensures we can have our gardens and do our bit to support a thriving patch of nature. 

A visit covers some basic ingredients to include for a wildlife friendly garden and provides some simple tips to attract more birds and butterflies. Some of the items covered include planting suggestions, nectar and indigenous plants, birdbaths, frog ponds, nest boxes, wildlife safety and places for lizards and frogs.

Participants learn they don’t need to do a complete garden makeover but may make a difference on a small scale with something simple like a birdbath and some containers of native grasses, a correa and daisies.

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